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Our popular YouTube videos

Rendering in React

Understand what rendering actually means in React.

Re-rendering in React

Understand the process of re-rendering to optimize React performance.

Reconciliation in React

The magic of Reacts reconciliation algorithm explained.

JSX in React

Master the special markup language that React uses.

Event loop in JavaScript

Learn about how the most important concept in JavaScript through this animated video.

Inside the JavaScript engine

Do you know the inner funtionings of the JavaScript engine? This video explains.

Real time median

The algorithm to find the real time median in a stream of numbers is tricky.

Annoying CORS error

When you get the CORS error, it can be frustrating. This video explains how to solve it.

Git basics

Learn the bare minimum git concepts required to get started.

Promises in JavaScript

Promises are important for asynchronous programming. Learn the basics here.