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About CodeSketched


Hey There, fellow dev! 👋🏾

Hope you are doing amazing. Great to have you here. 🙌🏾


I am Kapeel Kokane, a senior software dev at Microsoft. I created CodeSketched to teach programming in a non-yawn-inducing style. You can know more about me here.


You can say hi to me on Twitter too!

So, why CodeSketched? 🤔

You might be wondering what this site is all about? Let me provide some answers.

You might be thinking - there is no dearth of technical content and blogs in the world currently, so why the need for another one?

CodeSketched is different! ☝🏾

That is because we try to create tutorials for the visual learner out there. As you might already see from the look and feel of this site, our content and our videos, we believe in present information in a visually engaging manner so that the reader/viewer remains engaged and the learning is enhanced.


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How is this site built?

This site uses the Docusaurus framework by Facebook with a lot of custom CSS as you can see. Majority of it is styled using PaperCSS.

Checked our channel yet?


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If you have any other doubts/questions or want to reach out for business enquiries, message on Twitter or please send out a mail to and we will make sure we reply.

That's about it, now enjoy our blog posts 👇🏾